About UBC

UBC Insurance Solutions: Not Just Another Insurance Benefits Consulting Agency

UBC Insurance Solutions believes in a strong foundation of knowledge, integrity, hard work, and trust. Sadly, these essential business building blocks are often deficient in the insurance industry. UBC strives to be different by taking these core values to heart.

Trusted and Tried

Today’s insurance industry is riddled with corruption, impersonal transactions, and deception. Unfortunately, this lends an air of mistrust that often extends to insurance brokers. UBC Insurance Solutions is able to provide a buffer between the untrustworthy world of insurance companies and you, the client. We do not work for the insurance carriers- we work for you.

UBC has your best interest at heart and we work hard to earn and keep your trust. We promise to listen carefully to your concerns, and explain thoroughly the solutions we present. Our consultants become your trusted partners and will offer you the most affordable, effective options available in California health insurance.

At UBC Insurance Solutions, yes, you can trust an insurance broker.

Professional Insurance Brokers

UBC employs only the top insurance benefits consultants. Some of our agents have even earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Our staff is diverse enough to provide a unique blend of service, experience, and knowledge that provides UBC clients with cutting edge industry information, while providing the very best service and selection possible. Our professional benefits consultants will help you find the perfect blend of insurance options to satisfy your needs.

We are dedicated to serving you by staying abreast of the ever-changing industry trends. UBC agents are well versed in all the complexities of insurance and healthcare, as well as insurance-related tax strategies. Putting our time tested and exclusive knowledge to work will save you money. Our extensive knowledge enables us to position ourselves in every scenario, understand every challenge, and work with any size company to find the right solution to any problem. Your can rest assured- we never charge for our capacious service.

Honesty and Integrity in Insurance

UBC Insurance Solutions strives to excel in the insurance industry by adhering to the values of integrity and honesty. Our integrity is seen in every detail; from the way we gain customers, to the way we keep them returning for our exceptional service. We care about each and every one of our clients and we are committed to providing the personal, customized service you deserve. We know you have a choice, and we strive to always instill each interaction with the honesty and integrity that are the cornerstones of our business.

Hard Working Insurance Agents

You work hard for your corporation, business, or family and you deserve an insurance benefits consulting firm that works just as hard as you do. We are not content to simply market insurance plans; we want to ensure that you understand those plans as well. UBC provides in-depth employee education regarding insurance options and policies to all businesses. We also work closely with individuals to make sure they understand the terminology, options, and nuances of every insurance policy they are considering.

UBC provides quarterly review sessions to provide our clients instead of an annual review, to provide you with the best service possible. We believe in going that extra mile and we want you to know that our hard work for you does not end with the sale of a policy- it only begins.


UBC provides group health insurance plans from major health insurance providers like Humana, Anthem/BlueCross, Blue Shield, Health Net, Kaiser, Cigna, and United Healthcare.

At UBC, we supply our clients with a choice from every health insurance provider in the state of California; giving you the best health insurance group plan selection possible. In addition, UBC offers benefits consulting to combine health, life, property, and worker’s compensation insurances to meet all of your insurance needs.

Our comprehensive insurance coverage coupled with our outstanding service makes for an unbeatable combination in today’s often impersonal and calloused world of insurance management.


We are committed to helping you meet your insurance needs now, as well as in the future. Times change, and life often moves at a fast pace; UBC is committed to preparing you for whatever life has in store.


Unlike other insurance brokers, UBC encourages our clients to call us directly for any and all insurance related issues. We care about client satisfaction and are committed to making your experience with us exceedingly fulfilling. Our knowledge is unquestioned and we do not hesitate to go the extra mile.

UBC Insurance Solutions provides benefits consulting for corporations, large businesses, and even individuals looking for superior knowledge, service, and selection in comprehensive insurance or individual insurance policies.

UBC Insurance Solutions: We’re comprehensive. We’re Committed. We Care.

A message from the UBC team