Americorp Funding

After meeting with your brokers, I was impressed by your firm's expertise and knowledge in the insurance industry. Thanks to UBC, we saved $ 44,436 last year and were able to provide our employees a richer benefits package adding to it dental, vision, and life insurance, that we didn't have before.

We also wanted to thank you for a great employee education seminar that you offered to our staff, answering all of their questions.

T.S., President - Americorp Funding

Oxnard Center Co

With 34 employees, we were spending $ 16,482 per month. Your analysts lowered our premium to $ 10,867.80 per month. That is saving us $ 67,364.52 per year!

Thank you again for your high level of expertise, diligence and hard work. We couldn't have done this without you.

M.B., Partner - Oxnard Center Co

Secom International

This letter is to inform you how pleased I am to work with Nicole Webster regarding our company's medical plan. Our renewal was October 1st and unaffordable. Nicole guieded me through our options that led us to change carriers and save mega bucks! She handled our company's entire enrollment process with little help from me...I don't know what we suould have done if Nicole hadn't taken charge. Thank you, Nicole and UBC!

L.V., Corporate Secretary - Secom International


After meeting with our brokers, I was very pleased by your firm's high standards and ethics. I would like to mention that your expertise in the industry as well as your consistent updates to us of all the changes and new strategies impresses me favorably. You guys are on the top of your game.

Your services to us are always excellent, and our support staff is very professional.

D.T., CFO - Busby’s

First Baptist Church of West Los Angeles

As chairman of the Board of Trustess of our church, one of my responsibilities is to manage the church's resources in a judicious manner. I am elated to say thatdue to your consulting services, and the savings you provide us, we were able to end last year with no deficit spending and even a surplus to carry over into 2007.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us.

J.D., Chairman of the Board of Trustees - First Baptist Church of West Los Angeles

Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern, LLP

We are very pleased with the new employee benefits plan that you provided us. Our partners, as well as our entire staff enjoy the fact that they can keep their same doctors and get even richer benefits than they had before.

In addition to enjoying better benefits, your firm saved us 12.39% on our healthcare cost.

The advantage of using a full service consulting form with a team of analysts verus a regular broker has been a great benefit to our company.

W.D., Partner - Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern, LLP

Montroy Sign & Graphics Products

The purpose of this correspondence is to thank you for your dedication and assistance in Montroy Supply Company's transition to a new medical provider, Blue Shield. Additionally, if your responsiveness to date regarding a multitude of minor transitional issues is any indication of the level of service Montroy can expect throughout this benefit year, I feel the company has been well served in making this decision in retaining UBC as its new broker.

Please bear in mind that Montroy has effectively severed a twenty-year plus relationship with our incumbent broker in making this transtition...

M.S.F., Human Resources Manager - Montroy Sign & Graphics Products

Sharks Cove

I wanted to thank you for your firm's wise counsel. You saved us 45.68% by using your expertise and strategies. We were being overcharged year after year until we met your brokers.

Our staff is thankful for UBC's ability to get us a richer benefits package, and helps us battle the rising cost of health insurance.

Your brokers and support staff have been wonderful. I will be sure to recommend your services to all of my business associates and friends. Thanks again for all your help.

S.M., Owner - Sharks Cove

Ramco Specialty Products

Every year, your firm does a quarterly audit on our benefits, and updates us on all the changes in this industry as well as informs us about new options. This year and even before our renewal, your firm was able to come up with a better plan and still manages to contain our cost.

Insurance is one expense I don't have to worry about anymore!

I must also admit that everyone I spoke with at UBC is very professional. I appreciate how dedicated and well informed your staff is. I am pleased to be working with your firm and will make sure to recommend your services to everyone I know.

W.S., President/CEO - Ramco Specialty Products